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For information regarding the following groups please contact Yvonne Shelgren at or 865-983-2080, ext. 112.

Mats for the Homeless meet bi weekly on Tuesdays at 6 pm. This group takes grocery bags and crochets them into beautiful mats to give to the homeless to sleep on. A great group to talk and laugh with, along with helping a great mission!

Quilting – Thursdays from 10 am-2 pm at the church. A fun group of ladies who welcomes new members for friendship around the quilting frame. If you do not know how to quilt, they will teach you! All proceeds earned from quilting are contributed to the building fund.

Knitwits - They meet on Tuesday mornings at 10:00am to knit, crochet and fellowship.  They have plenty of yarn to go around!  They create comfort dolls for children in trauma and donate to the local police.  Also, they will make scarves and hats to be given away by our officers in the winter months.  Come and create and fellowship with them!

Widows of Courage - If you are recently widowed or have been for years this group is for you.  They meet monthly to have fellowship, fun and food.  Many months they have a speaker at their meetings.  For more information and a current calendar contact Yvonne at

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