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To Catch the Vision is to acknowledge that we are hungry and thirsty for something that we are not getting.  As we go through the process of our Christian life, we may already be doing many of the right things.  We go to church to worship God.  We may attend Sunday school and learn valuable information from the bible.  We set apart time each day to read the bible and pray. We accept positions in church to teach, to call on the sick, serve on committees, sing in the choir, help out at events and to serve in other areas when the need arises.  But somewhere in all this activity we still have a deep hunger and thirst for something more.  When we look back at the men who followed Jesus, they were a lot like us.  They were busy doing things, but they were hungry and thirsty for more.  We observe this when Jesus came along and said, “follow me!” They saw the “VISION” and dropped everything to follow him.  Our vision is to learn how to follow Jesus like the disciples did!

You can start pursuing this new vision by joining a Fairview Men’s Grow Group of four to six men that will commit to meet regularly during the year.  During the course of the year, you will progress in your relationships with each other and your commitment to God.  During the year you will interact with the men in your group in the same manner that the disciples interacted with Jesus.  Each meeting is intended to bring us closer to Jesus and will challenge each person in the group to grow closer to those who are in your group.  


At the end of the year, you should be more than just friends with those in your group, you will become brothers who will serve side by side as you minister to each other and to those outside of your group.  You too can become brothers in Christ who serve with a “VISION”! 

Men's Grow Groups At Fairview Church

  • Grow Groups are more than a bible study, they are a life experience that will deepen your love for     God and those you get to know in your group.

  • Grow Groups provide regular opportunities to discuss God’s Word with others in your group. These meetings will allow men who may not know one another well at first to develop friendships and to serve side by side with each other in the same way the disciples did.

  • Grow Groups are intended to consist of four to six men who will make a commitment to meet for one hour each time your group meets.

  • Grow Groups will look at issues that Jesus dealt with and discuss ways we too can grow to become active disciples and learn to walk as   Jesus Christ did.

  • Grow Groups will open your heart as you progress in your Christian walk, and you will find opportunities to serve God with a renewed PURPOSE!

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