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To Sign up or get More Information about one of our classes, Email Sherrie at
Ambassadors:  meets in room B223
This class is comprised of people (with children, babies-adult) and designed to meet their specific needs.  This class is for encouragement, discussion, prayer, fellowship, and Bible Study.

Christiana:  meets in A216
This class is for women who are seeking to deepen their spiritual walk.

Cracked Pots:   meets in room B-220
Based on the verse from Jeremiah 18—We are broken vessels in search of God’s healing through short-term Bible studies and Christian fellowship. Focus is group-centered, life-applicable discussions. All are welcomed, cracked or not!

Gladius:   meets in room A-203
This class focuses on an exegetical style (verse by verse) of teaching the scriptures. No previous bible study is required, and all are welcome to join! The class is open to all ages and backgrounds.

Living Room:   meets in the Choir Room
This group studies the Scripture. The name is derived from wanting all who come into the class to feel “totally” at home.

Makarios:   meets in room A-217
We are an informal class focusing on Scripture study as a tool for our growth in faith.

New Connections:  meets in A120
They will be studying the Bible book by book.  Come and join in the new beginning of this group!

New Creations:   meets in room A-208
People from all walks of life, come together on Sunday mornings for relevant, timely study of the Bible. The class is also involved in missions, local ministries and social events.

Next Step:   
meets in room A-204
Designed for young adults and formerly known as the College and Career Class.

meets in room A-207
This class is primarily comprised of couples with young children. As our class names states, we seek to gain a new perspective, understanding the Bible and those around us through a variety of group studies.

Odd Couples:   meets in room A-209
We are a very caring, outgoing, and involved class. We enjoy healthy discussion of the Bible and welcome new members as if they have always been part of the class. 

Seekers:   meets in room A-206
Primarily comprised of married couples, the class seeks God’s truth through the study of Scripture. The group also participates in various outreach projects and social events.

Sojourners:   meets in room B-209

Sojourners conducted a “strategic plan” several years ago to set their course of study in Biblical, topical and experience-based exploration of God’s Word and Plan. They feature guest teachers, missionaries, testimonials, and study series by some of the world’s most revered evangelists. Dr. Ernie Fuson, the classes’ primary teacher, attended seminary before launching a career as a clinical scientist. A battlefield veteran of the Vietnam war; Ernie's life experiences, scripturally factual approach and love of this God, Country, Family and Friends adds much to the discussion on Sunday morning and gatherings.
A social group, they hold classes by mountain streams, over a campfire breakfast, gather for and distribute meals, go to movies, kayak, and hike together. COVID did not interrupt class as they immediately went virtual, then outdoors in parks and backyards during temperate weather and carports and garages when winter set in. Sojourners are hard to profile as we have welcomed high schoolers, octogenarians and “comfort dogs” into the fold.
Spares and Pairs:  meets in room A-120 
We provide fellowship, discipleship, and Bible Study.

Sparkplug Class:  meets in room B-221
We are about life and learning; a joyful, grateful bunch of folks who love God and each other!  We are known for the support and encouragement that we share.

Topical Class:   meets in room B-211
Our class is a mix of ages and backgrounds who come together to grow in the Lord, to support one another and to reach out to others with love and concern.

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